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Regular Monthly Meetings (unless stated otherwise) on 2nd Wednesday of each month

  • All members are invited to attend and participate openly
  • Tea, Coffee and Light refreshments purchasable
  • Plenty of free parking available
  • Meetings start at 20:00 and tend to close by 22:00


The next ordinary Branch meeting is on Wednesday November 14th at The Station Inn (Jagz, next to Ascot Station). Discussion topic will be “Labour’s Priorities”, led by Guy Gillbe, Bracknell Labour’s main delegate to this year’s Labour Conference. This will be of particular interest with local elections due next May. 

Campaigning for May 2019’s  local elections in Bracknell Forest Borough has already begun in earnest and will soon begin in Windsor wards in our area, so please check here for times and venues for joining us in door knocking. 

Another National Campaign day is in the offing on Saturday November 3rd, the first Saturday after the Budget, and help will be needed from Labour members and supporters for our stall on Windsor Bridge, (between Windsor and Eton) from 10-2, and activities in Bracknell. Times and contact details will be found on Windsor or Bracknell Labour websites or Facebook pages.



Windsor Labour gig (Fri Sep 14th) in aid of The Windsor Homeless Project was SOLD OUT and made a staggering £1500 for the project! A brilliant night and a brilliant effort by all involved. 


September - ​The East Berkshire Housing Campaign Stall in central Windsor on Saturday Sep 8th was supported by Windsor Labour. (See below for more info on the campaign). Attendance was good with around 400 Campaign flyers being given out and lots of new petition signings.


August - Windsor CLP Summer Fundraiser

June - Ascot Branch Fundraiser:

Another well-attended and fun evening at Rajvoog Indian Restaurant in Sunninghill. Delicious food and excellent company and, along with our raffle, we made around £200 to put in the Branch coffers. So well done everyone and a special ‘Thank You’ to Munna at Rajvoog for once again making our evening very special!

May Meeting:

Local elections are being held next year. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a parish, town or borough councillor? What do councillors actually do? Mary Temperton, Paul Bidwell and Grant Strudley, all local councillors, shared their take on “What is it like to be a Local Councillor?” Members learned all about the workings of local politics, many commenting on the passion and commitment of the councillors.


Activities in MAY 2018

.........known not only for a famous wedding..... but also for a meeting to highlight community concern for housing.......never a more appropriate time.....




December......🎈🎁 ❄️

Much fun was had by all at our annual Christmas fundraiser....lovely meal as always at The Thatched Tavern and a great raffle. We always like to keep a fund ready - you never know when the next snap election might be called!



The meeting of Unite in Bracknell had a guest speaker of great interest to all of us fighting for a living wage. 

October Branch Meeting-

Michael Boyle, Windsor's CLP Shared Futures member (and recent council election candidate) attended October's meeting with Saffron Karim, Bracknell Labour's Youth Coordinator. Several young branch members attended and offered up ideas on campaigning areas going forward, such as minimum wage, housing, mental health and improving the political awareness of secondary school-aged students. The issue of improving  engagement through social media was also raised. Young Labour members in attendance agreed to meet up further, liaising with Reading and Royal Holloway Labour, to develop their strategies and ideas and plan for public events such as street stall to get their message across.



September at JAGZ..........

Locals concerned about creeping privatisation in the NHS attended an excellent talk by Tony O'Sullivan, Co-chair, "Keep Our NHS Public" and enjoyed the week-long exhibition of photographs and information from Marion Macalpine, photographer and activist. 


SUMMER 2017............

Update on Heatherwood plans: RBWM planning officers have been working on agreeing terms before referring application to the national planning casework unit. Information and outcomes "will be uploaded to the public access module under applications 16/03115, 16/03824 and 16/03825 as a matter of public record". (Jenifer Jackson, Head of Planning, RBWM)

Heatherwood Hospital -  a campaign much supported by members of Ascot and Windsor Labour

August saw the long-awaited public meeting of planners on the Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council who had delayed their decision until many were away on holiday - they were castigated for this at the meeting. Worse, the lead planner's recommendation to refuse planning permission for the new Heatherwood Hospital had been leaked the previous week but thanks to the actions of the Save Heatherwood Hospital Campaign Group (SHH) in keeping the hospital's future on the public agenda, councillors were faced with a packed venue. Representations from individuals and groups had to be pre-booked - SHH, among others, many of whom were councillors on the panel, spoke in support of the hospital development plans and the audience was, practically to a person, vocally in favour of them too. So, against all expectation, the panel agreed to support the build, with a caveat that, within the month, they need to assure themselves that the "Very Special Circumstances" allowing development on Green Belt land can be met. Fantastic press coverage has ensued, but we still await absolute certainty, due towards the end of September..........

.........and the Windsor Express 


Local Election

Michael Karim makes a good showing in the Winkfield Parish by- election

Michael Karim, a Bracknell Labour member, was our candidate for the Ascot Priory Ward of the  Winkfield Parish Council election that was held on 20th July 2017.

Born and raised in Ascot, Michael has a healthcare background and currently runs a medical business. He has a strong history of advocating positive change with local and national government. This was a new experience for Michael but he was an excellent and very committed candidate and we very much hope he will stand again very soon. Watch this space!

Michael pledged to:

  • Listen to residents' views and help build support on the parish council
  • Campaign for the promised new Heatherwood Hospital  
  • Campaign for excellence in local healthcare provision
  • Make sure the Neighbourhood Plan reflects local wishes – keep developments on a small scale and ensure infrastructure to support the population is planned well to meet demand 
  • Defend local schools from cuts so they continue to deliver excellence in preparing our young people for life

After the election Michael wrote:

Big swing to Labour in Tory stronghold

Many Torys changed to vote Labour saying it's time for a change.

No Torys were out canvassing and only put leaflets out after ours appeared. They did not stand at the polling stations. They only showed their faces ‘after dark’ and after the doors closed 10 mins before the count and brought several ‘guests’ in to the count; I thought they were only allowed one guest according to the rules; we should check this!

The Torys relied on the early postal vote before canvassing and leafleting had got underway to get the small and eroded margin they clutched on to. Many voters told us they would have voted for us if they had had the chance to meet us earlier. They voted in the way they had out of habit and not knowing what the alternative was

Greens and Lib dems voted for us.

Labour voters came out saying they voted because of the move to the left.

Our team did a fantastic job and I am actually convinced with more time we could have won this. There are some very encouraging lessons to be learned from this that we can build on and take into all the other battles to come. This is an example of what can be achieved, even in one of the strongest Tory enclaves and least politically educated areas.

I am ready for the next challenge wherever that may be and believe with our great team we will do even better.

Thanks to everyone involved for your unwavering energy and support. You made this possible.

Kind regards,





Michael didn't waste any time getting into the local press too with this very informative "Thank you":


 Our annual fundraiser (below) in July was a great success with a record twenty five members and friends enjoying a delicious meal at a local Indian restaurant, Rajbhoog in Sunninghill. 




Vote share nearly doubled since last election!


A huge thank you to the many members who joined forces to make this such a successful result for Windsor! 


a particular thanks to our wonderful, hard-working and enthusiastic candidate, Peter Shearman, and campaign manager, Spike.



Peter Shearman is Windsor Constituency's candidate for the General Election on June 8th.

Peter lives with his wife and family in Eton Wick and works in technology innovation and research. As part of a major multinational technology company, Peter works with many Thames Valley technology companies. Previously, as part of the UK's broadband think tank, the Broadband Stakeholder Group, Peter developed government policy for superfast broadband. 

Peter believes in government's ability to support the lives and aspirations of the individual, and to create a fair and just society.


If you are not registered to vote you have until May 22nd to do so in order to vote in this election.

If you are already registered to vote you do not need to reregister. 


If you haven't registered to vote, it only takes a couple of minutes. Go to


Who can register to vote?

  • In England and Wales you can register to vote if you are 17 years old. However, you can only vote when you become 18. You can vote in local elections and elections to the UK (and European) Parliament when you are 18. 
  • British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizens. This means Commonwealth citizens who have leave to remain in the U.K. or do not require such leave.
  • Citizens of the Republic of Ireland or other European Union (EU) member states. 

Am I registered to vote?

If you would like to find out if you are registered you will need to contact your Electoral Registration Officer. You can find their details by entering your postcode on Your Vote Matters



Windsor By-election in Clewer North Ward: May 4th 2017

Result of the Clewer North By-Election:

Members from both Ascot and Windsor joined forces to support an excellent young candidate from Clewer North ward for this local by-election. Michael is energetic and enthusiastic and loves talking to people about their concerns and local issues - just the right ingredients for a politician in the making.

Labour managed to raise their share of the vote by over 4%, with a 39.5% turnout. Wisdom da Costa, the Independent candidate, won with 805 votes, on an eventful evening which saw two recounts. The Conservatives came second with 784, followed by the LibDems with 405 and Michael for Labour with 273 votes.

Michael said, "Really can't thank you all enough for your hard work, I think we raised some important issues in this election about mental health provision here locally and enthused some non-voters and had quite a few 1st time Labour Voters... "


Local and National Campaigns:

A march and stall were held in Windsor town centre on January 21st followed by a march down Ascot High Street on January 28th. March 4th saw many of us in London joining the huge march to Westminster demanding proper funding for the NHS. An estimated crowd of 250,000 attended.



Ongoing Local Campaigns:

  • Heatherwood Hospital and the NHS
  • Fair Funding for All Borough Schools









2016: Dates we Remember:

​Battle of Cable Street Remembered in October 2016 

An Ascot Branch member joins hundreds of others marching through east London to mark the 80th anniversary of a landmark street fight against fascism. 







Summer 2016






June 23rd, 2016.

By-election Sunninghill & South Ascot ward (Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead).

The Labour Party candidate was Spike Humphrey, a South Ascot resident with strong commitment to local community life. Spike ran an excellent campaign to become a Borough Councillor, coming a satisfying second, for the first time beating the LibDems into third place with a very respectable 24% to their 10% of the vote, though the turn-out was still quite low, at just under 53%. 

Labour's campaign to remain in the EU: "Labour IN for Britain" 


We held four successful street stalls in Windsor and one in Ascot High Street. Eager walkers also delivered 2000 Labour IN leaflets to homes in Windsor Constituency and helped out with Bracknell deliveries too. We clearly got our positive message about remaining in Europe across to the people of Windsor and Maidenhead who voted REMAIN by a margin of 53.9% to 46.1%. The turnout was 79.7%. A great many thanks to all those taking part and to all those making their voices heard. 





2018 Ascot Branch Meeting Calendar

Jagz (The Station Inn) at Ascot Station, unless otherwise noted.



Jan 17th Branch AGM - venue Jagz

Feb 14th Branch Meeting at Jagz

Mar 14th Branch Meeting at Jagz

Apr 11th Branch Meeting at Jagz

May 9th Branch Meeting at Jagz 

June 13th Summer Fundraising Meal 

July 11th Branch Meeting at Jagz

Aug - no meeting - summer break

Sep 12th - Branch Meeting at Jagz

Oct 10th - Branch Meeting at Jagz

Nov 14th - Branch Meeting at Jagz

Dec 12th - Fundraising Meal at Thatched Tavern in Cheapside - details on how to book are available soon.


NB: Please check announcement on home page as venue may vary month to month.

Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm

Agenda Monthly Branch Meetings 

  • Welcome and Apologies
  • Discussion or Invited Speakers  - topics announced on main page before meeting

Branch Business - optional for non-committee members:-

  • Minutes of the previous meeting
  • Matters Arising
  • Local Issues and Activities
  • Campaign Reports
  • Windsor Constituency Report
  • Bracknell Constituency Report
  • Parish Council Reports
  • Membership Report
  • Treasurers Report
  • Website Report
  • Fundraising Activities
  • AOB